Structural Foundations

Kibera Concrete specializes in structural foundations for commercial buildings. With our staff’s 50 years of combined experience doing hospitals, schools, restaurants, churches, retail and industrial buildings there are few projects we can’t handle. We know what it takes to get your building’s foundation right and ready for a lifetime of use.

Much like the roots of a plant anchor the stem to the ground, a building’s foundation anchors it to the soil. Having a properly designed and constructed foundation is paramount to having a building that will perform for a lifetime.

Metal Buildings

If you have a metal building you are looking to build and need a reputable and cost effective contractor to help you navigate the foundation requirements we can help. Some metal building foundations can be constructed by adhering to International Building Code standards, but most need an engineer to design the foundation to meet the wind pressure and uplift requirements for the specific location the building is being built. Kibera can help with this. Also, metal buildings by design exert an outward pressure that creates a shearing force on the anchor bolts. Proper “hair pin” rebar design in the foundation counteracts these forces and ensures the building will not buckle with increased wind load. If you are reading this, you must be impressed by all the lingo I just used! With close ties to several local structural engineers we can help you get things sorted out and moving in the most cost effective manner.

Preparing for Success: Preparing for each project starts with a thorough understanding and evaluation of the engineer and architect’s plans. This review begins the moment our estimator starts reviewing the plans and carries over to our superintendents preparing to start a project. We take pride in catching the items that will become issues in the field while they are still just lines on paper. This review leads to less field issues and great execution at the job site..


With multiple parking lots and city street projects completed, we enjoy building quality paving projects that will last for decades. We regularly do work for Love’s Country stores throughout the state and property development companies.

A solid paving project starts from the ground up. With a solid sub-base the pressure exerted on the pavement is transferred uniformly down to the ground below the concrete. This keeps the concrete from cracking and settling over time. And it also allows me to use some of the physics I learned in college.

With concrete paving there are two types of subgrade: Aggregate Base & Soil Stabilization.

Aggregate base consists of spreading and compacting a uniform layer (typically 6”) of well graded gravel, such as crusher run or ODOT Type A gravel, that can be compacted extremely dense using a vibratory plate compactor or smooth roller.

Soil stabilization involves the mixing of cementitious chemicals (Lime, Concrete Kiln Dust or Portland Cement) into the existing soil base. Each site requires a unique mix design calculated by a geotechnical engineer who has run tests on soil from the site. During this process the engineer determines what chemical will have the most effective results on the specific soil. Once the chemical is spread and mechanically mixed into the soil it is hydrated and allowed to harden. Once hardened the soil is fine graded and concrete can be placed directly on top of the soil. Once again, I have to be impressing you with all my knowledge! Just wait until I impress you with my delivery of service!


Site demolition proceeds a large number of projects we are involved with and we self perform this aspect of work to reduce the number of people needed to complete your project. This typically involves the removal of existing concrete pavement, fencing, bollards, small structures, old foundations etc. We have the equipment and know how to get it done right. When doing concrete demolition in the OKC Metro we take the concrete debris to a local recycler who crushes it and uses the byproduct for road base and other construction related products.

Site Work

Kibera Concrete will perform site grading for projects it is building the parking lot on. This gives the general contractors and owners we work with a turn-key contractor to get them “out of the ground” and moving forward with their project. We also perform excavations for several specialty contractors.

We work with general contractors, specialty contractors, fuel system contractors, utility contractors as well as directly with businesses that need repairs to their buildings and parking lots.